Water Facts

Water is way cool! It can be a solid, liquid, or gas and it's everywhere!
Water weighs quite a bit too. That makes it a pain to keep enough with you in the wilderness.

Weight of Water

  Pounds  Kilograms
Cubic cm. 0.0022 0.0010
Liter 2.2047 1.0000
Cubic inch 0.0361 0.0164
Gallon 8.3454 3.7854
Cubic foot62.428028.3169

You can see that the weight of a gallon of water is over 8 pounds. Now, that can make a pack awful heavy awful fast!
The molecular weight of water is the combined weight of its two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom which amounts to 18.015 atomic mass units.
The unit weight of water or specific weight of water is the same as the weight of one gallon of water. Of course, you could use any unit size, but it will still weigh the same.
Anyway, here's some interesting tidbits about water so you can amaze your friends at the water bar...
So, keep in mind the weight of water when figuring out your outdoors activities. You have to have it, so plan ahead to ensure you have an available supply along your trek.

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