Who's Water Dude?

Water Dude is one of the Outdoors Dudes web sites sharing a lot of experience in safety and survival in outdoors and wilderness environments.

I'm in the outdoors about 50 days each year, backpacking through wilderness, camping, doing boy scout events, and consuming a lot of water. I've drunk water from glaciers, mudholes, and condensation and have never gotten sick when following the advice I share in these pages.

I think water's pretty cool how it can be ice, liquid, or vapor and its amazing that such a simple thing is so important to life. I hope you get out and enjoy the world and make sure you drink safe water at home and in the field.

So, hey, check out the other pages of my site, learn something, tell your buds, drop me a note of feedback or question if you want and don't forget to brush!

Water Rules!


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